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Elumni Career™ – Hire Entrepreneurial Fire

Elumni has for over 15 years built a network of over 350 Entrepreneurial Alumni ”Elumni” from three nearby courses: Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship (CSE), Göteborg International Bioscience Business School (GIBBS) and Intellectual Capital Management – The Entrepreneurship Track (TET) See links, below. These programs have, by the Swedish government, been appointed as Sweden’s premier entrepreneurial training at postgraduate level.

The programs create motivated entrepreneurs and dynamic leaders for innovative organizations in constant state of change and opportunity. To access the entrepreneurship programs, candidates undergo an extensive process of interviews and tests – in addition to the previous academic qualifications. Many of the members have dual degrees.

All Elumni members have all undergone the training and the association is characterized thus by a singularity of professionalism, integrity and drive.

The width and undisputable qualifications of its members may, among other things, be reflected through examples of positions held by Elumnis today:

–       Regional director of the United Nations

–       Founder and manager of the fastest growing company in Sweden

–       President of the company developing a technology that is designated as one of the best inventions in 2010 by TIME Magazine

–       Global Business Manager at one of Sweden’s largest export companies

–       Consultants at one of the leading international management consulting firms.

The Elumni Association offers the ability for companies to utilize the network of competence and power, through the association provides a fast and direct access to our extraordinarily talented candidates. Your organization is hereby offered the opportunity to recruit within this network. The process starts with your wishes and aspirations and we make sure to provide you with entrepreneurial fire.

Contact career@elumni.se for quotes and offers tailored for your needs.

Read more about the educations at:

www.entrepreneur.chalmers.se http://www.sahlgrenska.gu.se/english/education/master_programmes/gibbs_master_programme_bceb/